How to Choose a Laser Engraving Machine for Yeti Mugs Engraving?

How to Choose a Laser Engraving Machine for Yeti Mugs Engraving?

Recent years, Yeti mugs have become a favorite among all drink ware products. Laser engraved mugs now are increasing welcomed also due to the customizable images and marks on the surface of mugs. This article aims to detail 5 aspects on the features of Yeti mugs, how to start a laser engraving business with mugs engraving, how to choose laser engraving machine and so on to help you learn more about laser engraving industry and how to do laser engraving work.

Why Yeti Mugs are Now So Popular in the World?

Laser engraved Yeti mugs are continuously hot-sale drink ware and even out of stock during festival seasons. They are made with kitchen-grade stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation, so they’re puncture- and rust-resistant. Functionally, this kind of insulated cups are able to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot until the last sip, which is high in customers’ favor. Economical and practical, Yeti mugs are preferably taken as gifts for families or friends, and outdoor enthusiasts also love Yeti mugs deeply. For most users, Yeti mug isn’t just a cup, it’s the perfect hot and cold compare who guard their health and enhance their lifestyles.

yeti mugs with laser marking

In addition to the functional features, the customizable patterns on Yeti mugs body are also an essential part that attracts customers. Laser engraving machine is competent to create personalized images, numbers or alphabets by laser etching work. Those laser engraved patterns on Yeti mugs are widely welcomed by customers who could express their individuality via the selected images or marks, and meanwhile to distinguish the same mug models from that of others. Hence laser engraved Yeti mugs are not just cups, but intimate friends with personal characteristics.

How to Start a Small Business by Investing a Laser Engraver for Yeti Mugs?

Many American customers have purchased laser engraver for Yeti mugs from MORN LASER and have operated a successful business in this winter. Some of them are small business owners and even DIY users who just take laser engraving business as a hobby. It cannot be denied that both of them work well with MORN laser engraving machine for cups and gained much fun from the cause. Hence you can see, staring a laser engraving business is not a highly demanding task that only professional people can achieve. People with no relevant experience are able to get started with it easily in that the laser engraving machine works just like a printer connected with computer. What operators should do is to master what parameters are adapt to which engraving requirement.

yeti mugs with logo marker

Hopefully, all parameters and settings used to match your engraving work will be debugged and saved in the laser engraving software in our factory. You could directly operate the machine on receiving the machine. If you are interested in Yeti mugs laser engraving, and also have spare time and money to invest the business, just have a try now. The laser engraved mugs are so hot, after all, you will get profits from your investment.

How to Choose a laser engraving machine for Yeti Mugs Engraving?

There are 2 options for your choice. The first one is fiber laser engraving machine which is the best professional choice for stainless steel mugs engraving or marking. It’s also called fiber laser marking machine or fiber laser engraver. Another choice is CO2 laser engraving machine which only can engrave coated metal Yeti mugs.

Option 1: best professional solution — fiber laser marking machine

It is applicable to all kinds of metals and coated metal yeti mugs with high engraving speed (maximum up to 7000 mm/s) and high engraving accuracy (±0.001 mm). Meantime, the lifespan of fiber laser engraving machine is long enough that up to 100,000 hours. Little maintenance and less consumables are also the advantages of fiber laser engravers. And the fiber laser engraved images on yeti mugs are accurate, vivid and clean. It is the best choice for yeti mugs engraving. So if you intend to buy a better yeti mugs engraving machine, we recommend you to select MORN fiber laser marking machine.

laser marking on yeti mugs

Option 2: economical solution — mini CO2 laser engraving machine

It is applicable to process coated metal yeti mugs, and cannot directly engrave on stainless steel surface of yeti mugs technologically. Moreover, CO2 laser tube has shorter lifetime that needs to be placed at a regular time, leading to higher operation cost. It’s engraving speed is 600 mm/s, and the engraving accuracy is±0.05 mm, which is inferior to that of fiber marking lasers. Hence if you want to begin a new business with lower price and budget, you can choose MORN mini CO2 laser engraving machine.

How to Laser Engrave Yeti mugs?

To laser engrave Yeti mugs, materials that you should prepare include:

Step 1 A Yeti mug;

Step 2 MORN fiber laser marking machine for stainless steel mugs or CO2 laser engraving for coated metal mugs;

Step 3 A rotary attachment;

Step 4 Cermark metal marking spay.

yeti mug with signature

To start, spray the mugs with an even coat of CerMark over the desired engraving area. Let it dry for at least 5 minutes.Then, open the file and adjust the settings according to your laser’s wattage.Send your job to the laser. Place the mug in the rotary and set the focus.Press the “start” button and watch as the laser leaves a permanent mark. Simply rinse or wipe away the CerMark or residue to reveal your beautifully contrasted design on your Yeti mug! That’s it. Although laser engraving on stainless steel tumbler mugs is not a difficult work, while special safety rules and operating guidelines have to be followed carefully to ensure a smooth and safe laser engraving process.

Where to Market and Sell Your Laser Engraved Yeti Mugs?

Once you mastered the operation of cup engraving laser machine, you could run your business by selling customized Yeti mugs on Etsy which is an online marketing channel and gathers a wide range of customized crafts and objects. There will be many customers who are fond of the Yeti mugs with images or letters they love. Usually, a customization service costs 20-30 dollars except the cost of mug itself. If you receive a large-scale laser engraving customization job, the service cost can be lowered according to your market. You could also develop other marketing and selling channels to boost your Yet mugs customization business.

For more information on how you can use an MORN Laser engraving system for custom etching of mugs, and much more, please do no hesitate to contact us now.